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Where Do I Vote?

In the 2004 presidential, 10% of people who didn’t vote claim that they didn’t because they didn’t know where to go. To help alleviate that problem, The Google has created a tool that makes it easy to find out where exactly where you polling place is located.

Go to maps.google.com/vote and enter your home address and experience the Google magic.



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Cindy McCain’s Half-Sister: I’m Voting For Obama

Cindy McCain’s half-sister tells Us Magazinethat she won’t help put her famous sibling in the White House:

“I’m not voting for McCain,” Kathleen Hensley Portalski tells Us. “I have a different political standpoint.
“I’m voting for Obama,” the Phoenix resident says. “I think his proposals to improve the country are more positive and I’m not a big war believer.”

Portalski’s son Nathan, an aerospace machinist, is also backing Obama.

“I wouldn’t vote for John McCain if he was a Democrat,” he tells Us. “I would not vote at all before I’d vote for him.

“I question whether Cindy is someone I’d want to see in the White House as first lady,” he adds.


Portalski went public with her connection to the McCains after hearing Cindy say on the trail that she was an only child.

“I’m upset,” she told NPR. “I’m angry. It makes me feel like a nonperson, kind of.”

“It’s terribly painful,” Portalski added. “It is as if she is the ‘real’ daughter. I am also a real daughter.”

The Washington Post subsequently reported that Cindy has another half-sister who seems to have slipped her mind:

Before her marriage to Hensley, Johnson had a daughter, Dixie Burd, by a previous relationship. Burd, who is much older than Cindy, could not be reached for comment.

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Jim Webb Takes Aim at Sarah Palin


ROANOKE, VA – Virginia’s soon-to-be senior senator, Jim Webb, was the warm up act for Barack Obama on the Democratic nominee’s seventh visit to Virginia since clinching the Democratic nomination.

Webb, who at one point was mentioned as a possible running mate for Obama, praised his colleague from Illinois for picking Joe Biden. “People know Joe Biden, and people know that he is capable in a moment of stepping forward and assuming the responsibilities of president of the United States,” he said.

And while he called John McCain a friend, he questioned the GOPer’s judgment. “Now John McCain chose Gov Palin,” he continued as the crowd loudly booed. “Do you really think that Sarah Palin was the most qualified person in the Republican party?” he questioned, reminding voters that the Republican ticket’s slogan is “Country First.”

Standing in a hall in front of more than 8,000 in red Southwestern Virginia, he continued, “I don’t know how many people here like country music, I like country music. There was a song about two years ago, ‘I know what I was doing but what was I thinking?’ I think John McCain is probably singing that sing right now.”

But he wasn’t done quite yet.  “At the debate Governor Palin turned around and said, ‘Nice to meet you, can I call you Joe?’ And what I was really thinking is Joe what you ought to do is say, ‘Yeah, you can whatever you want and in two months you’re going to be calling me Mr. Vice President.’”

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Joe Biden On Fire

Joe Biden just tears John McCain and Sarah Palin apart for completely ignoring every single major economic issue facing America and for offering nothing but sarcastic personal attacks.

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