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McCain and The Keating Five

Faithful reader, how many of you under 30 (it’s not fair if we let the older people play, sorry..lol) have ever heard about The Keating Five? Hint..they was linked to the collapse of one major savings and loan- Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. 

Ok..nobody, nobody at all? Well, that’s not surprising..when the US savings and loan crisis was taking place I was still playing with barbie dolls and listening to  Milli Vanilli  ( you were too so don’t laugh didn’t you just love the braids..lol). 

Ok, so you don’t know about it learn more here and below 

The Keating Five scandal probably left the biggest blemish on McCain’s career. And McCain obviously shies away from speaking about his role in the entire affair. Wouldn’t you? If you caused or were accused sorry, of causing thousands of people to lose their life savings would you want to shout it from the rooftops or would you want to crawl under a rock and die? I hope you would chose the latter but anway over the years McCain has rebuilt his reputation and standing in the Senate and the community, character attacks on him have seldom succeeded since he’s now seen as a straight shooter.

But in the next few days you will start to see some character assassination attempts on Barack Obama, by members of McCain’s camp. Some of the attacks might even come directly from John McCain, betcha he goes for the jugular on Tuesday at the presidental debate? But believe me you’re going to hear and read about Obama’s link to ‘terrorists‘. His connection to corrupt Chicago business man Tony Rezko and of course, of course Rev.Wright.

Don’t expect a gentleman’s campaign over the next few days. There will be no October surprises but there will be lots and lots of mud and stone throwing.

Instead, if I were them I would throw away the Republican play book and try to follow the old proverb people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones because the stuff that might be thrown back, by the Obama team and a press core trying to appear fair, just might demolish my entire house.


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