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I went to the McCain rally today


For happier reading, here is my Diary from when I saw Obama in June. Here

So yesterday, I found out that there was going to be a McCain/Palin rally about 20 minutes from my house. Seeing another opportunity to see politics in action, I decided to take the day off and go see the rally, and take a bunch of photos.  7.5 Hours, 1901 pictures, and an estimated 20,000 people later, I am back home reflecting on my day.

To  be brutally honest,  I was not going to vote for McCain anyway. I knew I was not going to be swayed by anyone, or anything today. However, I simply wanted to listen and learn why people support John McCain. Similar to when I saw John Edwards and Mitt Romney in New Hampshire last year, I kept my mouth closed and my ears open. In June, I saw Barack Obama, and there I asked more questions, and was more open. But today, I was going to be careful. I wanted my pictures, and I wanted to get a feel of the movement behind the McCain/Palin ticket.

Read whole story here.


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